TOP SPP Company Limited (TOP SPP)

Natural gas-fired combined-cycle co-generation power plants

Commencement of Commercial Operation 2016
Business Type Power and steam generation
Capacity 239 megawatt electricity and 498 tons of steam per hour
Products Two Small Power Plants (SPP) for 2 blocks of 90 MW each to supply 
power to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) under
firm 25 years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The remaining capacity
of power and total steam production are sold to Thaioil Group.
Shareholding (Percentage)
Thai Oil PCL. 100 %

Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC)

Power Flagship of PTT Group to develop, invest, and operate in power business domestically and internationally.

Business Type Power generation
Capacity 1,039 megawatt of electricity and 1,340 tons of steam per hour
Products GPSC sells electricity to EGAT under long term power purchasing
GPSC sells electricity, steam, and utilities to companies within the PTT
group and other industrial users as well as investing in other power
generating companies and related business.
Shareholding (Percentage)
PTT Public Company Limited.
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited.
Thai Oil PCL.
22.73 %
22.58 %
20.78 %
24.99 %