Solvent and Chemical Products Limited

Thaioil Solvent Company Limited (TOS)

The company invests in the solvent and chemical business both in Thailand and abroad with shareholding in TOP Solvent Company Limited.

TOP Solvent Company Limited (TS)

The company holds shares in Sak Chaisidhi Company Limited and TOP Solvent (Vietnam) Company Limited.


TOP Solvent (Vietnam) Liability Limited Company

Thaioil’s investment in the solvent and chemical product business in Vietnam through TOP Solvent (Vietnam) LLC is the first overseas investment for the Group. TOP Solvent (Vietnam) LLC has terminals in Go Dau Industrial zone, Dong Nai Province which are able to provide solvent and chemical products for various types of businesses, e.g., paint, coating, thinners, adhesive, sealants, ink, cleaning products, edible oil, chemicals, etc.


Sak Chaisidhi Company Limited (SAKC)

The company engages in the manufacturing of high-quality hydrocarbon solvent for various industries, e.g., paint, tires, adhesive, edible oil, foam, plastic, copper extraction, etc.

Commencement of Commercial Operation 1991
Business Type Hydrocarbon solvent manufacturing
Products Pentane Chemical Grade, Hexane Polymer& Extraction Grade,
Rubber Solvent, Aromatic Solvent, White Spirit
Capacity 141,000 tons/year
Shareholding (Percentage) 80.52% by Thaioil Solvent Company Limited. through TOP Solvent Company Limited

Solvent Manufacturing Process at Sak Chaisidhi Company Limited