What are the possible channels for receiving Thaioil products?
A :

There are two channels for receiving products:
1. By road transport (Sri Racha Terminal, Lam Luk Ka Terminal, and Saraburi Terminal)
2. By sea transport

Who are Thaioil’s customers?
A :

Wholesalers and retailers

How can customers of Thaioil visit the Sri Racha terminal?
A :

Customers of Thaioil must submit a letter of intent indicating the objective and details of the visit to 

this email: CRM@Thaioilgroup.com

What documents are required for applying a client of Thai Oil PCL?
A :

1. Three-year Audited Comparative Financial Statement
2. Annual Report (if available)
3. Certificate of Company Registration issued by the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce
4. The Memorandum of Association (Bor Or Jor 2)
5. Company Profile
6. Copies of List of Shareholder’s Names (Bor Or Jor 5)
7. Tax Identification Card
8. Value-Added-Tax Registration (Por Por 20)
9. License for Petroleum Trader (Section 7 (Nor Por 104) / Section 10 (Nor Por 105))
10. For customers with the intent of exporting petroleum outside of Thailand – Letter of approval for the nature and quality of fuel, of which is not in accordance to the conditions set by the Department of Energy Business (Tor Por Kor 412)


"For further information of Product Distribution Division contact 02-797-2999"


What documents are required for applying a client of Thai Lube Base PCL and Thai Paraxylene Co., Ltd?
A :

1. Latest Financial Statement (3 years)
2. Annual Reports
3. Company Registration Certificate
4. Memorandum association
5. Company Profile
6. Share holder Structure / Director name
7. Counter Party Registration Form

Contact the supplier lube base oil refinery and petrochemical products , please call 02-797-2999