Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy


To achieve work effective and efficient in Procurement Process that will bring about the sustainable growth of
Thai Oil Group and ensure the related stakeholders be more confident that our process fulfil with the transparency, 
fair treatment and auditable, Sustainable Procurement Policy is announced with the following principles:

1. Procure based on the total cost of owner, effectiveness and efficiency with the dimension
  of quality, price and service to serve the ultimate benefit of Thai Oil Group

2. Conduct procurement process that comply with corporate governance, treat suppliers
  equally and open-minded for any recommendation or public hearing to improve the procurement process.

3. Implement procurement process transparently and auditable which strictly comply
  with related Law & Regulation including Risk Mitigation and Internal Audit.

4. Maintain Sustainable procurement and supplier relationship management by ensuring
  the compliance and application of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) along
  with Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) that one of supply chain management.

5. Focus on continually enhancing the relationship with suppliers and contractors that
  develop together.

6. Well manage knowledge under Thai Oil Group and encourage to implement technology
  to support procurement process to be the excellence procurement.

In order that Management and all staffs of Thai Oil Group are accountable to support and comply
with any Policy, Regulation or any management of procurement process strictly.


                                                            (Mr. Wirat Uanarumit)

                                                            Chief Executive Officer and President

                                                            17th February, 2021