Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Framework

       Thaioil Group, an integrated oil and petrochemical refinery, is recognized as one of the most modern and efficient oil refinery plants in Asia Pacific Region. The group has continually managed and developed its business, capital structure, and management system to be up to international standards. Currently, Thaioil Group is committed to improving management processes by laying down corporate strategies that will drive the entire company in the same direction. This will tackle various risk factors that may occur, as well as link the entire organization to cooperate smoothly and generate maximum benefits. The Operational Excellence Framework is made up of 3 parts:



Operational Excellence Framework


1.    System
The integrated management system of Thaioil Group is a platform that links operational processes and performance to the mission, visions and core objectives of the organization. The Operational Excellence framework has clear objective, encouraging work synergy within Thaioil Group and its affiliated companies in PTT Group. Thaioil Group has adopted various International Standard Requirements such as ISO Management Systems, and Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) into its work Excellence processes and uses them as System tools to strengthen the Group’s performance. This will enhance and push Operational Excellence Process and Management to be in the Top Quartile for Safety, Reliability, Cash Cost, ROIC and Energy Efficiency at a global level.


2.    Execution
The key success factor for Operational Excellence lies in the Systematic execution of work by all parties, which is governed by the following principles:
     •    Execute against the Plan
     •    Create Role & Responsibility
     •    Act on the lead Measure
     •    Focus on the Wildly Important
     •    Listen to the stakeholder


3.    Culture
Thaioil Group has created a proactive culture in Operational Excellence and has constantly aimed to improve its efficiency and performance. Key behavior aspects of the organization culture demonstrated in:
     •    Focus on Improvement
     •    Diagnose why errors occur
     •    Systematic Learning
     •    Monitoring & Measurement
     •    Management Review


We at Thaioil Group share in the effort to propel our organization towards excellence


OpEx  to accomplish our vision 
“ The Most Reliable Company ”


Management system the OpEx Management System is a critical component of 12 elements.

1. Management of security, safety, health and environment (SSHE).

        Adhering to the management of security, safety, health and environment in all sectors of the organization, we aim for the performance of the highest standard in accordance with the standard definition of SSHE of the organization.

2. Operations Risk Management

        We aim to identify and manage risk in all its operations and to reduce the impacts that would occur with organizations and businesses, making the impacts remain as low as possible and also to manage them.

3. Organization & Capabilities

       The structure is designed to ensure the chain of command of which administration and authority use to make any decision. We aim for efficiency and effectiveness, the potential increase in the performance of a system through the development of competencies and skills, as well as sharing best practices excellence and effectively managing the knowledge within the organization.

4. Sustainability Management

        Adhering to the principle of sustainability is a concept in our business, also taking into account the social and environmental responsibility and economic factors with a balance between all stakeholder groups to promote sustainable growth.

5. Reliability & Asset Integrity

         We manage  the confidence in the system of production equipment by planning,  inspecting and maintaining the system in order to ensure that all relevant parts of machinery and equipment in the production system are stable. We adhere to the highest standards with lifetime reliable security and cost-efficiency.

6. Operations

        We focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness with work that is appropriate and safe with no harm to the worker. Our machines do not affect the environment and have lifetime use for both machinery and equipment.

7. Value Chain Management

        The focus is on the management of the value chain, from start to finish. We aim to deliver quality products, meet the expectations of our customers, and align business goals, policies, and practices as well as managing the organization inventory.

8. Management of Contractors & Suppliers

         We manage contractors and suppliers to ensure that materials and services delivered are of the quality which meet the policy requirements, operational standards, and align with the business goals of the organization.

9. Strategy and Leadership

        We adhere to the principles of the organization, including the safety reliability, sustainable and cost-effective operations, and effective and commitment to the goals of the organization.

10. Performance Management

         We push and track the progress of the operation. To achieve leading sustainability, we do comparison of both internal and external operations and prioritize and manage the solution in order to continuously improve our performance.

11. Capital Project Management

         Investment projects are planned and must be qualified before any decision is out into process. The project is controlled to ensure safety within the given limit and expected results are placed on the timeline and budget.

12. Management of Change

         We try to ensure the change management in both the short and long term. Management measures in a systematic way based on type and the risks remain low and are manageable. 


     We keep to the 12 components to fulfill the basic job performance. ISO Management System of the Thailand Oil was developed as a unit directly responsible, but the heart of the OpEx Management System is making connections and integrating both process and results from the policy to the daily operations of all people within the organization. The work is in progress with clear framework. The cooperation inside Thailand Oil and other companies in the PTT is so that the group can move towards their goal of success and sustainable excellence.