CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

  • Thaioil Group intends to operate the business with social responsibility to the society and the communities around our manufacturing process by focusing on community participation toward sustainable development. Coporate social responsibility policy of Thaioil and affiliates are:
  • 1. Strive to develop business’s sustainable growth with consideration of the impact on the community and society coupled with safeguarding natural and environmental stewardship.

  • 2. Convery knowledge, experience, and expertise of Thaioil Group to create social develpoment with focus on the use
    of natural resources for utmost benefits under the Sufficiency Economy Philsophy for Self-Reliance sustainably and emphasizing the application of creating shared value and social enterprise.

    3. Implement corporate social responsibility projects by focusing on stakeholder engagement and conforming to rules regulations laws and international standard practies.

  • 4. Promote and cultivate coporate social responsibility values continuously to Thaioil Group employees to corporate culture build-up.