Corporate social responsibility


Thaioil Group has categorized its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities into 3 levels consisting of the following:

  •   • CSR in process: manage manufacturing process in accordance with policies relating to the environment and sustainable energy in refinery plant.
  •   • CSR for Community: corporate responsibility for the communities around the refinery plant
  •  • CSR for Society: corporate responsibility for society at the national level
  • All employees are encouraged to participate in CSR activities and projects to encourage social responsibility and foster their charitable spirit. In addition, employees can communicate Thaioil’s CSR policies to all stakeholders to promote their continuous involvement in social responsibility.
  • Strategy for community and society responsibility
  • Thaioil Group commits to building community engagements in accordance with the 2030 vision of “Empowering Human Life Through Sustainable Energy and Chemicals”. The Company conducts a petroleum and petrochemical refinery business under a framework of management excellence and in compliance with the principles of good governance, while also upholding responsibility towards stakeholders, environment, communities, and society to drive the Company towards sustainable development. 
  • Furthermore, Thaioil Group established integrated community development plans through projects and initiatives in the society and culture, the health and quality of life, the education, and the environment. Furthermore, Thaioil Group is committed to developing community, social, and environmental goals in line with the Company’s vision. This allows the Company to systematically respond and manage the expectations of the community, including:
  •   • Carry out social activities, focusing on projects that are significantly linked to the business operations of the Thaioil Group.
  •   • Focus on four main activities: education, energy and natural resources, conservation of the environment and quality of life. The strategy is to achieve self-reliance and sustainability.
  •   • Manage networking and collaboration with PTT Institutions and agencies with expertise and to be socially acceptable.
  •   • Promote the participation of stakeholders such as governmental agencies, customers, suppliers, and employees in the CSR.
  • Community Management
  • Thaioil Group has initiated the Principle of Tripartite” and “5 Together” (Think Together, Act Together, Correct Together, Learn Together and Develop Together) as a guideline for working and integrating cooperation between Thaioil Group, the community, and local government agencies. Representatives from the tripartite, which include a network of 10 communities around Sri Racha Refinery, Laem Chabang City Municipality and Thaioil Group, will meet every month to discuss community development measures; jointly solve various problems that may have been caused by Thaioil; and resolve other complaints in the community.
  • Community Needs Assessment

​Thaioil Group conducts community relations activities with the communities surrounding the refinery according to the “3-synchronization model” and the “5-Together” conceptual framework. This aims to encourage communities to participate in the development of their own communities, thereby becoming self-reliant and building strong communities while reducing impacts from Thaioil Group’s operations. The Company allows the community to provide feedback for mutual problems resolution, in which stakeholders within the community have been identified based on risks and environmental impacts. In the meantime, the Company communicates and analyzes community needs through various communication channels, such as exclusive meetings, the collection of feedback from subgroups, on-site visits with the households surrounding the construction project, and a community engagement survey. The findings will then be analyzed to identify directions to develop the community further.

Stakeholder Engagement Approach
Community Committee
  1. 1. A monthly tripartite meeting.
  2. 2. A monthly meeting with community leaders.
  3. 3. Communication through various channels, such as an on-site visit of community relations officers, a group chat via LINE application, phone calls, official letters, and e-card
4. Open house activities.
Village Health Volunteer Group
  1. 1. A bimonthly meeting with Village Health Volunteer Network.
  2. 2. Engagement activities with Village Health Volunteer Network.
3. Communication through various channels, such as an on-site visit of community relations officers, a group chat via LINE application, phone calls, official letters, and e-card.
Local Government Agency
  1. 1. A monthly tripartite meeting.
2. Coordination with local government agencies in case that communities have concerns towards Thaioil Group’s operations.
Elderly Group
  1. 1. Health promoting activities for the elderly.
  2. 2. On-site activities with the Village Health Volunteer Network to gather feedbacks.
Fishery Group
  1. 1. Community relations and engagement activities with the fishery group.
  2. 2. Communication through local fishery group leaders to inform on operations and to gather feedbacks.
  3. 3. Communication through community leaders.
NGOs / Environmental Impact Assessment Committee
  1. 1. A committee meeting to align understanding.
  2. 2. An Environmental Impact Assessment Committee in accordance with EIA regulations.
Ship Operator Group 
  1. 1. An ad hoc meeting in case that any event occurs.
  2. 2. Communication through community leaders.
Youth Volunteer Network and Committee 1. A monthly youth volunteer network meeting.
  1. 2. Engagement activities with youth volunteer network.
3. Communication through various channels, such as a group chat via LINE application, Facebook, or phone calls.
People living close to the refinery
  1. 1. Community forum activity to communicate on Thaioil Group’s ongoing projects and collect feedback.
  2. 2. On-site visits to communicate and align understanding on the construction projects as well as involve community members in problem solving.
General Public
  1. 1. Community relations activities and projects.
  2. 2. Communication and feedback collection through community committee.

Knowledge transfer to local communities

Thaioil Group transfers our knowledge, experience and expertise in engineering and energy to support society development, accentuating in using natural resources at the highest utilization in line with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in order to create “community of sustainable energy self-dependent model”.


CSR Projects in 2022, categorized by CSR Framework


Type of Project Priority Area Objective 2022 Performance
Dental Health Promotion Project for Schools Around Thaioil Group
Quality of Life

To promote oral health for students.
The dental care project was suspended in 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company plans to relaunch the project in 2023.
Laem Chabang Youth Training for Jump Rope Championship Project
Quality of Life
To encourage youths to exercise for their physical health, increasing their bone mass and muscle strength as well as reducing risks of heart disease. 1. Organized Jump Rope Skill Development for Becoming a 2022 Champion Project: Select candidates from 8 schools around the refinery to be a member of the Thaioil Jump Rope Team. This project had 140 participants.
  1. 2. Thaioil Jump Rope Bootcamp for 80 participants to train selected representatives and prepare for the 13th Thailand’s National Jump Rope Royal Cups Championship.
3. Thaioil Group supported Laem Chabang youths to participate in the 13th Thailand’s National Jump Rope Royal Cups Championship on November 19-20, 2022, at Pracha Niwet Sports Center, Bangkok, which has 29 teams from Thailand and 7 teams from overseas, or approximately 400 participants. Thaioil Jump Rope won a total of 36 medals, consisting of 14 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 13 bronze medals.
5-Month Commitment – 100,000 km. Walk and Run Project 
Quality of Life
To encourage communities to exercise by walking and running to enhance their physical health. The Company also shared healthcare knowledge for participants to apply to themselves as well as their families. The Company invited communities around the operations to walk and run for 100,000 kilometres. The participants can record their distance on the “Nub Kao (Step Counting)” application within the timeframe of 5 months from June 2022 – October 2022. The Company also organized 16 activities with the total of 150 participants at Thaioil Group’s Community Health and Education Center to track participants’ results.
Community Economic Support Project
Quality of Life
To enhance community capability through job creation projects at the Sri Racha District Community Health and Education Center. Building upon to the “Additional Jobs for Increased Income” Project, Thaioil Group has created the “Laem Chabang Community Product” group that produces healthy products such as cold process soap, butterfly pea shampoo, lip balm, as well as provides gift set services, under the “LOMA” brand.
Green Space Development Project on the Occasion of His Majesty the King’s 70th Birthday Anniversary
To increase green spaces as a permanent forest area and expand collaboration between various functions and agencies to develop on-land and marine environmental projects. Thaioil Group collaborated with community leaders from 10 communities and Laem Chabang City Municipality to organize an activity to plant 99 trees across the area of 5 Rais. The project has been implemented to develop into green space since 2020. 
Environmental Conservation Activities on the Occasion of the Death Anniversary of His Majesty the King Rama IX
To increase green spaces and recreational areas for communities in Laem Chabang City Municipality.  The Company developed an area of 9 Rais located near the Ao Udom Community into a public park together with the Laem Chabang City Municipality. The highlight of this public park is the energy and environmental conservation. The Company organized the ceremony to deliver the park to Laem Chabang City Municipality on July 7th, 2022.
Thaioil CE WE GO Project: Promoting Circular Economy Values
Environment and Resource Efficiency
To raise awareness in energy and environmental conservation for employees and build good co-existing behaviour within the organization.  Employees were encouraged to conserve water and energy as well as separate their waste. The Company also organized color-coded waste bins, recycled food waste to create fertilizer, and upcycled plastic bottles to create 1,600 employee shirts.
Sustainable Energy for Health Care Project
Environment, Energy, and Quality of Life
To build energy stability for the hospital and enhance the effectiveness of services provided for people, as well as support greenhouse gas reduction. 
The Company delivered this project to Laem Chabang Hospital on August 7, 2022. The energy conservation capacity of this project is 89,000 KWh per year, which equates to 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, or 400,000 THB in cost savings per year.
Nature-based Solutions Project
Environment and Quality of Life
To Solve climate-related problems through rehabilitating degraded forests and expanding mangrove forest areas to be a carbon sink to support the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere. Thaioil Group has participated in the mangrove forest planting project for carbon credit benefits. The project collaborated with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources across an area of 56.22 Rais in Chonburi Province. As a result, this project can absorb approximately 1,520 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent throughout the 10 years of the project’s period. The Company also hired local workers to plant and maintain the forests. The project can serve as a carbon dioxide storage system and recreational area while promoting the local economy through the employment of local workers.
Smart Farming Project
Quality of Life
To develop pilot projects to design “new normal” processes to produce farming products, increase incomes, and help farmers and community enterprises achieve stable yields and reliable distributing channels, thus contributing to sustainably solving communities’ economic challenges
The Company developed pilot projects in three areas: 1) the Community Capital Learning Center at Tha Chang Sub-District, Sawang Wirawong District, Ubon Ratchathani Province, 2) Bang Phra Sub-District, Sri Racha District, Chonburi Province, and 3) Chonburi Central Prison, Khlong Kiu Sub-District, Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province. The Company developed modernized farming systems and continuously produced organic farming products and incomes for farmers. Moreover, the Company has increased communication and distribution channels for farming products by selling the products to officers operating at the refinery and Bangkok office.
PTT Group Model School Project and CONNEXT ED Project
To support basic education and develop leaders in schools and educational sectors, as well as become a significant part that drives education through knowledge exchange, learning, and developing schools with the school executives.
- Organized the Restart Thailand Project by hiring four teaching assistants per school for a total of 14 schools to teach and develop learning methods.
  • - Provided tablets for academic purposes to public schools around Thaioil Group’s operations to support educational systems, develop learning procedures, and give access to technology to students.
- Implemented STEM Support Project to develop STEM teachers through projects and research. Thaioil Group provided training for participating schools with a total of 95 participants: 38 teachers and 58 students.
Teach for Thailand Project
To develop potential changemaker teachers to be teaching assistants for middle school students. 
Thaioil Group funded in the development of 2 teaching assistants for Wat Manorom School, located close to the refinery, within a period of one year for the fourth consecutive year. The teaching assistants support the English and science courses for 839 students in junior grades 1-3. As a result, the academic achievement in science and English was clustered within the average of all the participating schools, and there was a noticeable improvement in English-speaking abilities.
Thaioil Group Supports Youth Dreams in Becoming Sport Professional Project
Quality of Life
To improve quality of life for youths living in communities surrounding Thaioil Group, as well as the offspring of employees by providing assistance with sports training and practices.
- Trained football coaches in schools and communities to standardize and prepare them for a career as a professional football coach in the future. This initiative had 30 participants.
- Organized a Football and Futsal Clinic for 120 youths in Laem Chabang District to strengthen football and futsal skills, knowledge, capabilities, and techniques.
- Thaioil Group supported young futsal players in playing at the friendly match at Blue Wave Arena, Chonburi Province, and provided trainings from professional coaches and futsal players for 70 participants.
- Organized the 2022 “Rescue Life… Fight the Drowning Crisis” Project for the third consecutive year to develop swimming skills for 250 children and youths in Laem Chabang City Municipality area in collaboration with Thailand Swimming Association.