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Thaioil wins the Honorable Mention Award from the 10th NACC Integrity Awards 2021

     Recently, Mrs. Wanida Boonpiraks Executive Vice President Finance and Accounting, Thai Oil Public Company Limited received the Honorable Mention Award from Pol.Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, President National Anti-Corruption Commission in the 10th NACC Integrity Awards 2021. This award is given to organizations that operated with transparency and anti-corruption. The award recognizes Thaioil’s verifiable integrity, honesty and transparency consistent with good corporate governance principles. The ceremony was held at NACC Nonthaburi.

     The 10th NACC Integrity Award is presented by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) operating under National Strategy. Government agencies, state enterprises, and private companies can join the program by submitting required information to the NACC for promoting anti-corruption and corporate governance practices as part of its incentives to encourage morality and transparency in Thai Society by its operating.

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     Thaioil is Thailand’s largest refinery and supplier of petroleum products. Founded in 1961, we operate one of the most efficient refineries in Asia Pacific with the current capacity of 275,000 barrels per day.

     Thaioil operates under the Operational Excellence principle, operating as an integrated group of businesses in oil refinery, petrochemicals and lube base oil with supporting businesses, e.g. power generation, solvents, logistics and renewable energy generation, LAB : an intermediate in the production of surfactants, pipeline transportation and storage services of crude, petroleum and petrochemical products, as well as recruitment services for Thaioil and Subsidiaries. Thaioil leads the Thai refinery industry through a well-planned and integrated production process, yielding optimum efficiency. Our products are of high quality, rated in the top quartile of refineries in Asia Pacific, at lower production costs – giving

Thaioil a recognized competitive advantage.


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